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I am currently a full-time student at Tri-County Technical College, majoring in Computer Science studying computer programming.  My anticipated graduation date is Spring 2019 with an Associates in Applied Sciences in Computer Technology.

I earned my first Associates in Applied Sciences degree in Civil Engineering in 1996.   Additionally, I achieved a one-year certificate in Land Surveying with Georgia Middle College in 2001.  This Associates in Applied Sciences degree accompanied by a one-year certification in Land Surveying allowed eligibility to participate in the necessary state exams to become a licensed land surveyor in the state of Georgia.  I am currently retired while retaining eligibility as a registered Land Surveyor after 25 years of distinguished service to this career path.

I initially began my drafting career in earnest employed as an apprentice draftsman (pen and paper on vellum and mylar) in the Architectural, Land Surveying and Civil Engineering fields.  It was my fervent interest in Architecture, Land Surveying and Civil Engineering disciplines that introduced me to the first personal computers capable of CADD software in the middle-eighties.

I began using AutoCAD when the program could be launched from a 5.25” floppy drive and a large hard drive was 10 megabytes.  Since that time, I have utilized, installed, customized, and trained personnel in AutoCAD, and AutoCAD third party applications for companies I worked for.

Prior to wide area networking, I served in information technology roles with early personal computers.  I installed, built, and repaired personal computers for many of my employers.  I also installed hardware and software for essential operations for many of my employers.

I have pursued computer programming as a hobby since the first BASIC versions became available to early home computers.  My experience with the operating systems began with MSDOS included on early IBM PCs.

I have developed several Civil Engineering and Land Surveying applications using QuickBasic, Turbo Pascal, and AutoCAD’s Autolisp programming language.  I began programming hand-held computers and calculators starting with the Hewlett Packard 41 and the Radio Shack PC-6.  My most recent calculators programming projects include the Hewlett Packard 48 and 33.

This passion for computer programming has led me to pursuit a new career goal in Computer Science.  I am currently proficient in the modern programming languages of Visual Basic, C, and Java. I am adept in the structured webpage languages of HTML and CSS as well as the webpage programming languages of Javascript, JQuery, and PHP. I am also skillful with SQL and relational databases.

My experience with client computers began with early versions of DOS | Windows operating systems and today has expanded to include the Linux operating system used on servers.