My Dossier

These scanned TIFFs are examples of my early work as a Land Surveying Technician performing manual drafting.  These drawings were done with technical pen freehand & with a Leroy stylus on vellum.

These scanned TIFFs are example drawings produced for Lake County Public Works as a Land Surveying Technician.  These CADD drawings were done with early versions of Autocad & DCA (MSDOS).

These scanned TIFFs are mapping plates drafted for classwork assignments as a student at International Correspondence Schools studying Civil Engineering.  These drawings are graphite on bond paper.

These scanned PDFs are field notes taken as a Survey Party Chief for Lake County Public Works.

These scanned PDFs are program manuals for Coordinate Geometry programs created during my Land Surveying career.  These Coordinate Geometry programs were written for QuickBasic, RadioShack PC-6, and HP-48 platforms  Also included is a PDF of my Land Surveying & Hydrology formulas for the HP-33, an approved calculator on licensing exams.

These are essays and reports written for my ENG-155, PSY-120, and HSS-105 courses at TriCounty Technical College.

These are PDFs of survey plats produced while Principle Surveyor for Hayes, James & Associates, Blue Ridge office.